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Photo-set of my Gotham City Sirens.
-Environmental Activist Poison Ivy
-Kandi Raver Harley Quinn
-Punk Rock Catwoman

HOLY WHAT!!?? 3,500k+ notes…
Maybe I should consider making prints of these to sell on my Etsy…’_’

UPDATE! Letting everyone know that I have officially posted this art online to be made into merchandise. You can find awesome made and affordable tees of it at SunFrogShirts, Hoodies & Longsleeves, Prints, Stationary & stickers over at Redbubble. I will also have full poster prints at the cons I attend this year so look for “Art & Illustration by Penelope” at an Artist Alley near you :3

Also! The reason why Catwoman isn’t on the tee is because…im growing less fond of this art and want to re-draw it to something where you see a front shot of her/full body. I think that would look nicer, and make a better tee/print.

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