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I thought she was such an interesting character, and I was so disappointed in the way she died. I mean, she’s a “Bond Girl”, so it’s not that surprising that they offed her, but I think the “who cares about this whore” attitude that Bond had after she died was extremely misogynistic and gross.

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Filed under james bond severine berenice marlohe That scene where she was all terrified of Silva was really well-played.

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"James Bond is an Englishman. He has always been an Englishman and should always be played by Englishmen!"


A Partial List Of Men Who Are Not English

  • Sean Connery
  • George Lazenby
  • Pierce Brosnan

A Partial List Of Men Who Are English

  • Idris Elba

Tell me again how your objection to Idris Elba playing James Bond is rooted in his identity as an Englishman.

THANK YOU. I personally love the idea of Idris paying Bond, but unfortunately I think he’d be a little bit too old by the time they get around to making a whole new set of films(I think Daniel Craig is contracted for atleast one more, which wouldn’t come out for another few years). But seriously, if Moneypenny can be played by a PoC, then why not Bond? Hell, why not all the characters!

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