I don’t really care for the fact that Ollie kills in Arrow. It just doesn’t feel right. He kills the goons/lackeys/red shirts, but doesn’t kill the main baddies, which just doesn’t make sense and feels very uneven. They should have either given him a “no kill” attitude, or gone all the way and made him an assassin-like character.

I remember at Comic Con, Stephen Amell said it wouldn’t be realistic if Arrow didn’t kill in order to set things right in the city, but I just don’t feel like that’s true. Killing is the easy way out; A true hero doesn’t have to take life in order to preserve it.

So who watched the premiere of “Arrow” tonight?

What did you think? I personally liked it. The action was good, the directing was fast-paced and exciting, there were some good twists, and I didn’t hate any of the characters. I’m not that really bothered by the fact that the characterizations weren’t super faithful to the comics, mostly because they never really advertised it as being a strict interpretation in the first place. From the beginning is seemed that they were trying to do something different, and I can totally get behind that.

Also, I REALLY hope Dinah becomes Black Canary at some point.