I really don’t know why I’m suddenly doing ideas I’ve sketched a long time ago. I genderbent the Disney Princesses because I really like gender-bending, that sounds like a good enough reason. 

It felt kind of weird inking traditionally and then coloring it on Photoshop, too used to crisp digital lines. Inking is so fun though. But so many mistakes…

I never really got the appeal of the genderswap/genderbent art, but after going through some of it, I kind of like alot of the pieces I’ve discovered. I do however, find it strange that most genderswap art is male->female; I really couldn’t find many female->male pictures!

Anyway, I like viewing genderswap art, mainly because I think male costumes are generally cooler than female costumes, and it’s nice to see female characters drawn with more practical and modest attire(whenever I dress up for a costume party, I usually choose to emulate a male character for exactly this reason). However, this is not always the case, and most genderswap art automatically puts the female version of the characters in more revealing versions of their costume.

With all of that said, I hope you enjoy today’s theme of genderswap/genderbent superheroes!