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If You’re Into Spandex and Tights Heroes, You’re Going to Love This Shop


A new shop has just launched online and it has an amazing set of superhero inspired women’s clothing. You can check them out here to see the full range but here’s a few pieces that caught my eye which are perfect for a variety of activities.

Looking to commune with fish?


Going off to protest stupid marriage laws?


Fighting bad van bros? Okay, this looks good.


Going to a superhero movie that doesn’t star a woman?


There’s lot of sizes offered XS to XXL which is nice. 

What do you think?

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Forever 21 has just announced their Bats and Cats Collection, which includes dozens of Bat and Cat related items. Some are licensed Batman and Catwoman products, and some merely have bat or cat designs on them. They have a nice range of items (clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, pajamas), and they’re all super cute!


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Her Universe’s Vincent Van Gogh Exploding TARDIS Leggings 

Van Gogh and Doctor Who in one pair of leggings?  I am so in.  Pair it with a TARDIS blue dress and sunflower earrings and I’m ready to go.

whitehotroom.com is where some of us think Vincent Van Gogh was the finest artist of his time.

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