The funeral that I went to on Monday was for the mother of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Her mother got sick  unexpectedly and died within a week, and my friend Brenna and her family were just in total shock.

Today Brenna’s sister found their father dead in his bed, apparently from a heart attack. He died of grief and stress at losing his wife. I can’t believe this has happened, I can’t believe my friend is without both of her parents now. She was very close to her family. I can’t stop crying for her. What she’s going through is unimaginable.

Please please please pray for their comfort and peace.



A-kon 22 (2011), The Endless: So since I didn’t have tumblr back when we had our epic return to A-kon after being in Japan for a couple years, I never posted these. Recent conversations require that we post this here to share in the epic and complete cosplay crew of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. As always, epic fun was had by all. The previous day I was Death, but on this day I was photo manager. The top two photos are mine, the bottom was acquired via Becky (Desire) who acquired it via the internet. So disclaimer: If you happen to be the photographer of the bottom photo and would like it removed, please message me and let me know.