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You’re in the film with Natalie Portman. You’re 6.3, she’s 5.3 and I’m curious because you can’t tell when you watch the movie, but are there special effects ?!

I guess this disproves the rumor that he was actually kissing his wife in that last scene, huh?

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just saw this movie, the entire theater went reverently silent when this happened, only broken by a low whistle, a giggle, and someone quietly whispering “oh my god”

in the the theater i was in, someone whispered loudly ‘is that necessary’ and someone across the theater half shouted ‘YES’ and everyone giggled

I saw this and I told my mother I want one of him for Christmas.

Also some guy wolf whistled.

This scene was a vital part of the movie

I saw it and all the women in the theater cat called, and this one girl in the very back row said in a pleased voice “Oooooh, thank you for taking me to the movies!”

Best scene ever.

I think every theater had someone whistle or catcall during this scene, lol.

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Tiny Princess Captain America finally outgrew her dress, so this Halloween, it was time for her long-promised Tiny Princess Thor! I think she might like this one better…it has a sparkly cape, after all. Also a hammer. (“What do you hit with the hammer at daycare, Tiny Princess Thor?” “*pause* I don’t know.” “Nothing! You hit nothing with the hammer!”) (She did not, in fact, hit anything with the hammer at daycare. Though she did cry when they had the kids change out of their costumes after their Halloween party, because she wanted to keep wearing her dress.)

Oh, and Big Tiny Princess Thor and Big Tiny Princess Captain America have a message for Iron Man…


Tiny Princess Thor made by Bright Copper Penny
How to Make a Tiny Princess Superhero Dress, at my blog
Hair wings & gauntlets are from my Lightning Bolt costume, patterns by Tabby and Tally respectively

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Jane Gives Loki Her Opinion of His Avengers Shenanigans in New Thor Trailer

There’s a new Trailer for the Thor sequel out and we learn a bit more about the threat that Thor is facing. And we get to see Natalie Portman’s Jane give Loki some feedback.

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