The CW’s Long Trailer for Arrow Gives More Detail on Show

The CW now has a super sized trailer for its fall offering based on the Green Arrow and it looks pretty good, for what it is. The show clearly takes liberties with the comic Ollie Queen (he seems much darker here) but retains the “shipwrecked on an island” origin. The tone of the show doesn’t lead me to believe we’ll be seeing a Black Canary anytime soon (and star Stephne Amell said as much) and we all know a good pilot doesn’t mean a good show (coughBirdsofPreycough) but I think I’ll be watching come fall.

If you’re not familiar with the origin of Green Arrow, I recommend Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle and Jock which you can order here.

It looks cool, but I don’t know how I feel about them straying so far away from the comic character. And if Dinah Lance doesn’t turn out to be Black Canary, I probably won’t watch for long.

Also, is that Deathstroke’s mask we see in there towards the end?

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    Oh man, That’s a thing… on tv.
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    can’t get over who’s playing canary tho..noooooo
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    …..this looks…..ok…..i think
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    I am going to watch the fuck out of this. Oh god yes. YES YES YES YES YES
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    I’m guessing they decided to do this because Smallville was well received and is now over. I’m really hoping they bring...
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    Yet another show/movie/whatever in which i have no previous knowledge of canon, will not go looking for canon, nor will...
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    Yep. CW’s trailers to their tv shows tend to be that, at times. ;)
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